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The world and our lives are chaotic and stressful

You can see there was a market for both as our tandem newspapers grew in size from 1995 through the next decade or so. My sister Dee was the quintessential salesperson and shared my passion for marketing, and we were off and running when I left The Edge in forming Twin Cities Wellness, now called Essential Wellness.

By choosing to feel at least 51 percent peace (which includes love) even when the world and our lives are chaotic and stressful, more peace can get reflected back to us and expressed through us.It is my deepest hope that as more people consciously partner with their souls and begin living from a “multiple-lifetime perspective,” we can move through our current challenges and appearance of separation to focus on healing our planet and evolving humanity together. I invite you to join me.

 We begin to appreciate that we are connected to all things, and it's all magic! This usually leads to an energized peace and a deep sense of gratitude and well-being.

Increasingly, studies are showing what we knew as children...that being in nature is fun and healing! Without effort you will be releasing what no longer serves you back to the Earth to be recycled and opening to what is in your highest good. We understand this exchange with breath, yet I have found it occurs on all levels as we spend time consciously in nature.

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